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How long can cheddar cheese last?
Cheddar cheese has a long shelf life, providing you store the cheese in the fridge, at between 2° and 4°C.  Once you have opened the pack, it is important to re-wrap the cheese to keep air from drying out the product and creating a crust. 

The Best Before date, found on the back of the pack, gives an indication of when the cheese is expected to be at peak flavour and quality, if stored properly.

Do you use animal rennet in your cheesemaking?
No, all our cheese types are made with non-animal rennet.

Does your cheese come from grass-fed cows?
Yes - we are lucky to be in a region with good rainfall and weather; farms here have extensive grazing land where dairy cows can graze outdoors all year round. On average our farms have about 250 cows across 400 acres - plenty of lush grass for every cow to eat.

Does a wax cover instead of plastic wrap make the cheese better?
No, our cheese will taste the same, regardless of which wrapping method is used.  Covering cheese in wax was the traditional way of protecting cheese, back in the old days before plastic wraps were invented. These days both wax and plastic wrapped cheese are equally effective. Wax wraps, however, provide an attractive, traditional look - particularly attractive on cheese platters.

What's the difference between Vintage and Matured cheddar?
Vintage cheddar has been matured for a longer period than Matured cheddar, allowing it to develop a stronger, sharper flavour with a slightly crumbly texture.

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